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Rangø // Kiel
Max Mayr // Koblenz
El Matoschenko // Trier
Weazman // Darmstadt
Matthias Horn // Luxemburg
Maximillion // Luxemburg
Queramica // Luxemburg
Aszido // Buenos Aires // Argentinia
Kenneth Music // Wiesbaden
Daif // Saint-Malo // France
Patrick Räuber // München
Meinhardsøn // Stuttgart
Greg Bitter //Alexandroúpoli // Greece

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Alex Wolf // Mainz // https://www.facebook.com/AlexWolfOfficial
Someone Outside // https://www.facebook.com/pages/Someone-Outside
dotSTRIPE // Berlin https://www.facebook.com/pages/dotSTRIPE/
David Glass // Liverpool // Great Britain https://www.facebook.com/davidglassmusic
Forest People // Prnjavor // Bosnia and Herzegovina https://www.facebook.com/forestpeople.plants
John Lemon // Darmstadt // https://www.facebook.com/JohnLemonMusic

Habitat Music Label 001
Max Mayr – Primer EP
Incl. Alex Wolf & Someone Outside Remixes

After a decade with a label in mind, Boris Herbel and Göran finally decide to build a music platform for themselves and also for rectified music lovers. May I introduce: Habitat Music! Habitat Music doesn’t follow trends. Habitat Music believes in good music and will impress you with a wide variety. Right on time for the cold season of the year, Habitat Music keeps their promise and
presents you their first EP called „Primer“. The EP is delivered by Max Mayr, includes a cooperation with Alex Breitling and contains remixes from Alex Wolf and Someone Outside.


Habitat Music 002
Rangø – Alrighty Then EP

The second release of Habitat Music comes from Co-Founder Göran aka Rangø.
Four Deep House Bombs that throw a raw and hypnotic feeling onto the Dancefloor!
It is the very first release of Rangø but his talent and his passion to music will bring him to a higher level!


Habitat Music 003
Daif – Unforgettable Personality
Incl. Remixes by dotSTRIPE, Kénai

The young and talented producer Antonin Hifda from Rennes / France with his first release ever. And what he deserves is pure dope. Two Tracks full of emotion and energy.
dotSTRIPE catches the vibe of the original and presents a forcefull Tech House bomb.
Kénai from Luxemburg presents a Version of Marv´s Speech that mconvinces with a deep vibe.
4 Tracks that will find a different audience in the world of electronic music!

Release date: January 19th 2015

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